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HI! I am the artist controlling the realm you see before you which is The Shelly.com! I create manga based on my imagination that has obsorbed a lot of things in the past years! My main work is called "POWER EXPO ARENA" And I am ECSTATIC to bring it to you!!! Things around the site will change around so please be patient with me as I build the Power Expo Arena empire along with more of my work that I am also so very excited to share with you!
In the meanwhile, please follow me on Instagram, like me on FaceBook, and follow me on Tumblr! Most of my activity is currently on Facebook and Instagram! Thank you SOOOO MUCH for checking out my website! It means A LOT!!! I appreciate your time! I gotta get back to work on the awesome manga Power Expo Arena but I'll see you in the comments and likes! :D
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